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End of Year Mystery Bags


  • Image of End of Year Mystery Bags
  • Image of End of Year Mystery Bags
  • Image of End of Year Mystery Bags
  • Image of End of Year Mystery Bags
  • Image of End of Year Mystery Bags

•The duo comes with 2 full size polishes
•Trio + mini comes with 3 full size polishes & one 5ml mini polish

There are also some previously released polishes including but not limited to, PPU (polish pickup) exclusives.

I cannot take any requests. All bags ESP past exclusives will be a complete mystery. I have a mixed variety of polishes in different finishes available including:

•There will be some polishes containing:
✨micro glitters
✨various sizes of glitter (Holo or other)
✨holo flakes (of different sizes)
✨unicorn pee pigment
✨glow in dark
✨Thermals that work
✨holographic -linear/scattered/flakes
✨creme finish
✨magnetic multichromes
✨Flakes aka flakies! Ucc flakies, holo, micro holo, iridescent, Aurora, chameleon in a good amount/variety of colors.

•PROTO’s (numbers on bottom or none)
very few that have already been released.

Not all polishes will have “unicorn pee pigment” aka “U.P” in them. The ones that contain “U.P” will have a period in-between the “UP” on the labels. The ones without the period in between- do not have “u.p” in them. ALL polishes are usable, top
quality products. Only the best for you all. :)
There is a small amount of polishes with “U.P” that I had trouble seeing the green shift/sparkle, as strongly as the red and gold shift. With the red sparkle being more dominant.

This isn’t due to not putting enough “U.P” in them. This happens when different/ non compatible, combinations are mixed in with “U.P.” Some variations of other ingredients completely drown out this sensitive additive/sparkle effect of the “OG U.P” pigment.

•These mystery bags may come in the 1st bottles I used within the 1st year I opened (2019) and they may be in the newer round bottles currently being used. Some will receive 1 of each but never 2 of the older bottles unless buying multiple bags which is allowed. (First bottles used were 13ml, while the new bottles are 15mL and in round shape bottles.. see last pic showing the 2 together)

•Not all of these polishes will have the same consistency as far as formula goes. This is because some polishes require a thicker base than others, in order to avoid pigments sinking to the bottom. If you find that a polish is thicker than you like, just add a few drops of polish thinner to thin it out.

Make sure you shake it UP real good ;) Please DO NOT USE ACETONE! It’ll ruin your polish.

•Please no special requests.
The only exception to this, is if there’s something you ABSOLUTELY dislIke! Can’t/ won’t wear. Such as; “flakies” or the color “pink” and “glitter.” You can put that in the order notes. I’ll do my best to not give you that. I do ask that you please not make a long list that I won’t be able to accommodate. This isn’t a guarantee that you won’t receive your not wanted ingredient/color etc, more of a courtesy. It all depends on what I have at the time orders are placed. I’ll do my best!

Some of these polishes have been swatched on a plastic nail wheel, by me only. Some have not. Some may have a small bubble at the top. No major fill lines ever. None of these polishes have been used on anyone’s actual nail. I’ve checked all polishes to make sure they are all up to par.

Thank you for reading all this and Happy Black Friday & Holidays!

Image of Winter Wonderland☃️ *Limited*
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Winter Wonderland☃️ *Limited*
Image of Rose Campion*🌷 *Limited*
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Rose Campion*🌷 *Limited*
Image of Water World 🌎 *Limited*
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Water World 🌎 *Limited*
Image of Neon Nebula 2🧲
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Neon Nebula 2🧲
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