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Neon Nebula 🧲


  • Image of Neon Nebula 🧲
  • Image of Neon Nebula 🧲
  • Image of Neon Nebula 🧲
  • Image of Neon Nebula 🧲
  • Image of Neon Nebula 🧲

A ultra multichrome magnetic polish, with a galaxy looking base, bright vibrant shifts & “unicorn pee” that sparkles red/gold/green.

Please note you need a strong magnet in order to get the magnetic nail effects seen in the photos. Its not as complex as it looks. There is neodymium bar magnets available on this site at a fairly low price. You can also find them on other sites. :)

This particular polish does not qualify for any extra discounts. As all the pigments used in this recipe, are very costly and I didn’t hold back! You won’t be disappointed! ;-)

🧲➡️How to apply magnetic polish & use the rare earth magnet:

•Apply your first coat of polish to all nails, and allow to dry.

•Apply a second healthy coat of magnetic polish to one nail, then position the magnet over the STILL WET polish, as QUICKLY as possible! YOU DO NOT WANT POLISH TO DRY BEFORE, positioning the magnet above the nail!

•Try to hold the magnet just a few millimeters above wet polish. Hold the magnet there for at least 15-30 seconds, allowing your polish a little time to dry. The longer you hold the magnet over your nail, the more detailed/precise your design will be.

•Do this same process to each nail
(by 2nd or 3rd coat if you wish) individually! You do not want your polish to dry before using the magnet!

•If you don’t do this process individually, it would allow the polish too much time, leading it to dry. Which then would lock the magnetic particles in place. The magnetic particles in the pigment, need to be very wet in order for them to move around with the magnet.

‼️ALL orders will be considered pre-order unless otherwise stated on the listing‼️

Pics by:

Pic by @zuunails shows this polish unmagnetized!

All efforts have been made to provide accurate photos of each polish, but some variations can occur between different displays and monitors. Colors may show differently depending on lighting, skin tones, and camera equipment used.

Nail polish is for external use only!
It is flammable, and should be kept out of children’s reach!!

ALL purchases are FINAL, and we cannot accept any returns, due to hygiene reasons. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

All Lacquered U.P polishes are 5 free of the following harmful chemicals:
•phthalatedibutyl phthalate
•formaldehyde resin

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