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Rare earth magnet🧲


  • Image of Rare earth magnet🧲

This listing is for ONE Rare-Earth Metal Neodymium Magnet 🧲

•Although the advertising photo shows multiple bar magnets, this listing is just for ONE magnet! If you’d like more than one, pls feel free to add more to your cart!

•I am offering these for your convenience. For those of you, who’d like to use them with my magnetic polishes I sell. Or any other magnetic polishes you may already have!

•These block magnets are 2.36 inch (60mm) long, 0.40 inch (10mm) wide and 0.12 inch (3mm) thick. They are magnetized through the thickness. These Neodymium thin rectangular magnets provide an astonishing pull of 10 lbs!

🧲➡️How to use these magnets with any magnetic polish:

•Apply your first coat of polish to all nails, and allow to dry.

•Apply a second healthy coats of magnetic polish. Position the magnet over the STILL WET polish, as QUICKLY as possible! YOU DO NOT WANT POLISH TO DRY BEFORE, positioning the magnet above the nail!

•Try to hold the magnet just a few millimeters above wet polish. Hold the magnet there for at least 15-30 seconds, allowing your polish a little time to dry. The longer you hold the magnet, the more detailed/precise your design will be!

•Do this same process to each nail
(by 2nd or 3rd coat if you wish) individually! You do not want your polish to dry before using the magnet!

•If you don’t do this process individually, it would allow the polish too much time, leading it to dry. Which then would lock the magnetic particles in place. The magnetic particles in the pigment, need to be very wet in order for them to move around with the magnet!

•Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet currently made. They are amazingly powerful for their size and have innumerable uses.

•Please be careful how you store your magnets, as they can and will break easily if you drop them near anything magnetic, the force will snap it in half! Even just having two of these cling together, too hard will break them!