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Storage & use/for best results...

*When receiving polishes, please allow them to return to room temperature before applying. This is to prevent breaks when opening!

*Polishes are best stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
*Shake or roll bottle thoroughly before using to properly re-mix settling pigments and glitters.

*For best results and to prolong your manicure: use your favorite base coat before application and a favorite quality top coat after application. Polishes containing glitters may dry slightly textured and may need a thicker top coat for a smooth touch. Some highly pigmented polishes may cause staining if a base coat is not used!

*If you prefer a thinner consistency to your polish, use 2-3 small drops of a good quality nail polish thinner. Shake thoroughly before use! (do not use nail polish remover, as this can damage the polish).